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mr_saabMr. Saab. In Sweden, the term “Mr. Saab” has long been applied to Erik “Carlsson on the roof”, the legendary rally car driver who won the renowned Monte Carlo twice as well as twenty other victories including the Baja 1000. But here in Colorado, we have our own “Mr. Saab… “

For almost as long as Saab has had a presence in Colorado, Jerry Danner has been a part. To countless Saab owners around Denver and beyond, his name is all but synonymous with the Swedish mark… much like Erik Carlsson. Although he would never make such a claim himself.

Jerry’s passion for Saab and his genuine friendliness, combined with mechanical brilliance and honest business dealings have earned him a thriving mechanical and collision repair garage. So to, it has spawned an active regional owners club and numerous other Saab shops that learned the trade from Jerry.

Mechanical brilliance you say? The expression is not to diminish the extraordinary skill and experience of our other seasoned technicians either. We can say with confidence that that our team is among the very best in the business! As for Mr. Saab Colorado: If it’s a confounding mechanical problem that is not addressed in technical manuals and has others stumped… you can guarantee Jerry will figure it out. If it’s a late-model Saab 9-5 built under the GM/Spyker/bankruptcy debacle that badly needs an unavailable part… Jerry is sure to devise a genius work-around. And of course, if it’s a vintage 93b 2-stroke or 96 V4, a fading Sonett or an original model 99 Turbo, there’s just no single place you can go to for long-forgotten history, obscure repair information, or parts that are nearly extinct.mr_saab2


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