Your Authorized Saab Service Center

Andy H.

The folks at Mile High in Denver are awesome!  They rescued us from what could have been a disaster on a very special trip.  My daughter and I, from Corvallis Oregon,  were taking a month long road trip to several of the National Parks in the west… this was my high school graduation present to her.  Our cars engine died about two hours west of Denver, about a week and a half into our trip.  Our initial attempts at getting it fixed had us looking at several weeks of waiting around in an unfamiliar town hundreds of miles from home to get it repaired or trading it in…  However, that’s when Mile High came to the rescue.  Not only did they make a 4 hour round trip to pick us and the car up, but they also put us up for the night and provided a loner car.  That’s not all though… this happened just before the 4th of July weekend and they burned the midnight oil for several days to get a new engine in our car by that Friday!!! Otherwise we would have had to wait another four days, which would have really done a number on our trip plans.  Thanks to their efforts we only lost two days of our travels (which were the two days we spun our wheels before we found Mile High) instead of two weeks or more.

There are not enough words of praise and appreciation for these guys.  They set the standard for “above and beyond the call of duty”!!!

Thanks Jerry, Steve and Dan and all the rest of the team at Mile High. – Andy and Julia H. Corvallis, OR

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