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Saab has long been recognized for unconventional, forward-thinking design and technological innovation. At Mile Hi, we’re proud to have kept step with this legendary car company… from the very earliest years down till today (Mile Hi opened its Saab repair doors to Denver in 1969… Read More »).saabrepair1

Until Saab’s new electric vehicle owner resurrects the gas powered 9-3 or 9-5 and brings it to these shores, Mile Hi will continue to keep our trusty Swedes charging down the road.

saabrepair3Expert Saab Service

Drawing from vast experience and a full complement of diagnostic and Saab-specific tools, we can track down tough problems and take care of them quickly. Our technician staff averages an incredible 30 years of specializing in Saab automobiles, from nine years all the way up to a whopping 43 years. Read More »

Few people get excited about vehicle maintenance. At Mile Hi, we’re committed to making your auto repair experience a great one!


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