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subaru_legacyOur loyal customers know how passionate we are about Saab… and more recently Subaru! Long before hybrids and biofuels, these innovative manufacturers were making fuel-sipping, fun-to-drive, incredibly functional cars that seemed tailor made for Colorado. And we totally got it!

For nearly half a century, Saab owners in the Denver area have come to trust Mile Hi for honest, high quality automotive service. While many of our patrons are Saab-loyalists, an ever-growing number implored that we service other vehicle makes. Only now with the untimely end of Saab production could we fathom taking on another brand. Subaru, however, was the obvious choice as it shares much of the same appeal and heritage as our first specialty brand (think quirky, turbo-charged, rally racing!).

We’re thrilled to announce that we are now fully equipped to deliver the same outstanding service on Subaru cars!

We pride ourselves in keeping step with progressive car companies. Drawing on decades of experience and a full complement of diagnostic and manufacturer-specific tools, our technicians can locate tough problems and take care of them fast; “We TEST… and never guess.” We don’t fail to notice the obvious either.

Few people get excited about vehicle maintenance. At Mile Hi, we’re committed to making your auto repair experience a great one!


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