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Cabin Filter

Weak air flow from the cabin ventilation system. Hissing sounds when operating the HVAC on high. A musty odor, particularly during humid times of the year. Trouble with seasonal or pollution allergies.

The cabin filter is like a high quality home furnace filter. It uses dense filter media and activated charcoal to filter out debris, pollen, and odors from the air before they are handled by the cabin ventilation system. The filter remains part of the air circulation regardless of whether fresh or recirculated air is selected. Especially in the spring and fall, these filters can become completely plugged.

Many people are not even aware that a cabin filter is standard equipment on their car. While not critical to the overall operation of the vehicle, we do recommend replacing this filter at routine intervals. This maintains optimal performance of the cabin ventilation system and can help alleviate environmental sensitivities. If your park near trees and shrubs, consider replacing the cabin filter more frequently.


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