Your Authorized Saab Service Center

Elaine S.

Jerry Danner, the owner of Mile High Body Shop, is a genius at listening both to the customer and to the car.  He leads an equally great group of service people and technicians.  He solves problems with amazing methodology. [Read more…]

Colleen M.

We are not new clients of this wonderful Service oriented business.  For 15 years they have been my exclusive Saab repair.  Always…Always, professional, courteous and priced fairly.  Recently, we needed a quick analysis [Read more…]

Debra D.

Just wanted you to know of the outstanding customer service I received from Mike re: a part that I could not find anywhere…for my Saab. He called me back after our discussion and found what I needed!!! Be [Read more…]


I’ve been going to Mile Hi since at least 1988, have bought several cars there (including one for my mother) and implicitly trust their work. Even chose my latest car because I knew the best place to service it and afford the service! [Read more…]

Greg B.

I do want to thank your shop for the service you have given me over the last 2 years. It has always been above par.  Well above par. – Greg B.

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