Your Authorized Saab Service Center

Thad S.

Jerry and the staff at Mile High Saab have the highest rating would give any mechanic because of the service they provide, their integrity and professionalism.  I’ve used them for several years for my Saabs.  They recently so far over and above what I would ever expect that I won’t think of ever using any one but them again in the future.  Read this and see if your mechanic or any other mechanic would have provided this same kind of customer service.

My son bought a used Saab and because he lives in the San Luis Valley I told him to take the vehicle inspected at Mile High Saab for an inspection prior to driving back to Alamosa.  They inspected the vehicle to said that there some issues that needed to be addressed but none of them warranted be done that day.  The vehicle made it to Walsenburg and broke down and could not be driven further.  My son called Mile Saab the following morning explained the problem and the owner, Jerry, personally drove to Walsenburg to transport the vehicle and my son back to the shop in Denver free of charge.  This is a service that you never hear of any more because it seems that everyone is more concerned with making money than providing quality customer service.  When we have service on our vehicles not only is it done at the price quoted but also provide loaner vehicles for our convenience, since we live on the Western slope it allows us to conduct our business in Denver while our vehicles are being serviced.  I cannot thank them enough for their service.  For anyone reading this post with a foreign car you would be crazy to use any repair shop other than Mile High Saab.

Thanks for all you do, Jerry and Jeff.

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