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Timing Belt & Pulley Failure


  • My car died all of a sudden, will not restart.
  • I heard a loud bang and my car died.
  • There is a whole lot of noise coming from my engine compartment but the car still runs.
  • I just had my timing belt replaced. It cannot be the timing belt making the noise.


  • Timing belt broke or wore out from lack of replacement at proper intervals.
  • Pulley’s failed causing belt to come off by not being replaced with new when new belt is installed.
  • Water pump bearing fails causing noise.


  • Replace timing belt with new pulleys. Make sure you do the pulleys with the belt!!
  • Replace water pump when new belt is installed. (To replace a water pump you need to remove all timing components. If a water pump fails after installing a new belt, you need to remove all new belts and pulleys to install a water pump causing double labor somewhere in the future).


  • Do not let anyone talk you into just replacing the belt without replacing all the idler & tensioner pulleys. Obviously the pulleys also have more than the recommended mileage interval miles and the possibility of the pulleys lasting another 90K+ miles is slim. If a timing belt breaks, it causes major damage. Most motors are interference motor, meaning that if the valves come out of time with the pistons, damage will happen. Most of the time it just bends all the intake and exhaust valves. Do a valve job, new timing belts, pulleys and water pump and then you are on your way. Sometimes it is more severe! Valves may break off and that will destroy your engine beyond repair. At this point you think of a replacement engine either rebuilt or used. If a used engine, make sure a new timing belt and new pulleys are installed.

Be absolutely serious about replacing your timing belt at the recommended mileage. If you just bought your car and do not know the mileage history of the timing belt & pulleys, CHANGE THEM! Look for stickers, marker indicators of mileage of the belt. Most great mechanics will mark the mileage somewhere under the hood.

Timing belt’s are not that much considering the price of a new engine!!

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